The “Casa Hogar Mexiquito” visualized their kids as a future young people:

    1.-With a better quality of life;

    2.-With an integral and harmonic development;

    3.-And happy.












    It is Jesus who conform a community using strengthen of the Spirit.
    This community was form by kids, nuns, voluntaries and relatives. From this side we have the mission of working with kids from six spheres:


    • FAMILIAR: Learn from their current life to create a family with people from the community.
    • DEMOCRACY: Capable to see their reality and get cooperation and have options.
    • WORKING CULTURE: Learn to work in team, to have initiative and to look for results, and finally to have a philosophy for improving.
    • ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Get the abilities and knowledge that help them to achieve an autonomous development
    • SPORTS, CULTURE AND HOBBIES: Get the discipline of sport as part of their health and as tool of successes, that encourage the knowledge and arte, that can give to their bodies and their soul a rest that allows maximize their performance.
    • Importance: Move from the current relation to one with God. Giving them faith, hope and love.



If you want to do a donation for building better opportunities of human and social development for people from San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, México

you can send or deliver in our office, in address that appears in the contact section.


It donates in a comfortable and sure way