El SANTUARIO HOGAR GUADALUPANO A.C is a non-profit institution with the mission of attending and protecting abandoned kids, partial or total orphans, from disintegrated homes, unprotected or in poorness, giving them a integral education from recovering their personal history, family and get an autonomous development inside of the Christian values.


Today you have the opportunity to feel the value of “THE POWER OF A SMILE” and with this make happy a kid.
For that, I invite you to share your knowledge in medicine, architecture, painting, gardening, psychology, social work, accounting, systems mechanic engineering, electricity, foreign languages, music, communication, public relation, law, agronomy, teaching, gastronomy, etc.
Or help in the maintenance, cooking, carpentry, kids care, and cultivate vegetables.







If you want to do a donation for building better opportunities of human and social development for people from San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, México

you can send or deliver in our office, in address that appears in the contact section.


It donates in a comfortable and sure way