The “Santuario Hogar Guadalupano AC” was set up on May 8th, 1967, also it is known as “Casa Hogar Mexiquito”, by Father Fray José de Guadalupe Mójica, Mexican actor and singer with the desire to love, to protect and to offer a new home to his loved children where they can get fond, and a balance environment, warm in the effectiveness, where they get the happiness of the life, and that enjoy the security of a home, that help them to establish relationships, to be successful and productive at work and capable to adapt their selves to the changes, and the most important, to be HAPPY PEOPLE.

The 18th of September of 1978 the boys were moved from the “Casa Hogar Don Bosco” to the “Casa Hogar Mexiquito” in order to get that children have an authentic familiar environment and can get comprehension, care, maternal love, for that reason the nuns from “Dominicas de María OP. moved with them, for continuing the care.

After 43 years of works, the association had been gotten and given love, protection, elementary and spiritual education, health and psychological care, food, loading, and giving the opportunity to involve them into a family and the society, all of these for hundreds of kids.



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